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Can anyone provide me with a List of the amps of the fuses for a 1964 with the fuse box in the trunk? I have the list of which fuses are which I just could not find the amperage for each, and I know my right headlight fuse is out, because it is missing :)


Chad parsons
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For the 3rd time.... :mad:

All Amphicars use a white european type (pointed ends) fuse in all locations. (White = 8A)


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Hi Chad!
According to page 10/37 of the Maintenance Manual, all the fuses are 8 amp. I took a quick look at my fuse box (under the dash), and in fact all the fuses look to be the same.

Good Luck!
Marc Schlemmer.


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In my two Amphicars, all the fuses were 8 ampere. Hugh sells them cheap.

John Friese
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67 Red
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