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Fun then broke down


Mike Echemann

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<font face="Arial" size="2">Took the Amphicar swimming yesterday in Dixon and what a nice place it was too. Thanks to Ken Chambers who was in town, Dave the wave, Eric Matlin and his son Nick for a great time. I finally gave my car a work out and everything was fine until 20 miles into the 25 mile ride back to Daves when the bakelite pulley on the generator decided to explode followed by a suspect starter. Driving an Amphicar with the top down at 50 to 60mph sounds like you have a jet engine following you anyway butyou could still here the wistle of the pulley.</font>
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<font face="Arial" size="2">I spent the day today putting new engine mounts in, new starter and a new generator pulley. I'm glad it happened this weekend instead ofnext. Chrislooked at memidday with that "Celina sure wouldn't be as much fun withouta car to bring" look.</font>

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Hi Al,
I'm sorry I can't attend the meeting, We will be out of town today. If by
any chance I get back early , I will be there. I have checked the web
site and it is informative. Am looking forward to the parade and have
performed a "PM" program on the car/boat. Have been informed the designer
of the amphi has passed away in Germany just before his 93 birthday,
7-19, we are sorry to hear of his demise, he will be remembered for all
the technical achievements and fun we've had with the his dream. Take
care, will be in touch, Pete

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