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  1. After reviewing the note from David Chapman about how the fan will
    create positive ventilation in the engine compartment and then if the
    seals are not in place or in good shape, exhaust or other vapors may
    be pushed inside the passenger compartment.

    I took a look in the engine compartment, the seals around the
    firewall look intact and in good shape. I did however find a
    rectangular cut out about 6 inches wide X 4 inches tall just behind
    the valve cover in the firewall. Is this hole supposed to be there
    and if it is should it have a door.

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    Marty & Caryl
    '64 Turq
  2. www.amph.67@juno.com

    Hi, yes there is a door there. I have one on my bulkhead. Guess it must
    be for clearance for valve cover removal. Seems some fumes just leak in
    when top is up, normal to smell oil fumes ????

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