Fume Detectors- Thanks Dave!



Here is a sincere thanks to Dave the Wave for finding us a fume
detector for our Amphicars! This is something I have wanted for a
long time, especially as my early car does not have a blower.

If you don't have a current Overton's catalog, here is the info:
#33924 Marine Fume Detector $99.99 Overtons 1-800-334-6541
#25316 Gas Fume Detector w/auto blower control #149.99

Catalog shows the cheaper one as being 12V AC, so I called and they
said it was a misprint, will run off the battery, They also advise the
other one as being battery powered. For those of you with blowers,
You should be able to wire the better one to start your blower when
fumes are detected. I just ordered the better one, will see what it
looks like when it arrives! You guys that are still positive ground
may have to use a inverter.
Thanks again Dave!

Paul Lalewicz
64 Green
00 AmphiCamper