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Ok so unfortunately I celebrated to early and the problem is back...This time I have been able to pretty much all but guarantee the problem lies within the carb. I disconnected the inlet hose into the carb and checked if the pump was getting fuel there with crank. It was and lots of it. So now what inside the carb could it be. It was rebuilt with the Minor Rebuild Kit off Gordon's so new gaskets and needle and seat. Are there any common things on these Solex carbs that fail causing a fuel starvation symptom? I did check my accelerator pump and it seemed to be shooting fuel in but maybe not enough. Seems to lose spray under rapid on/off throttle.


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You can not cure carb problems with a minor kit.Inside passages could be restricted, you need a Carb rebuild place that run tests all there carbs before returning.
Even I can not do this and all my carbs are sent out to a specialized shop.
I will have 2 carbs at Celina next week, and others are in NH, ready to go,
If you had called me first i would have told you your wasting you time with minor kits, unless it ran good to begin with.

Did you do what I said and install another NEW condenser? believe me it has happened to me many times, I thought for sure it was carb problems.////cough sputter spit, die out while travings them bark back for a bit, then do it over %^^&^*.Use Lucas brand.

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Gord - i have a Pertronix ignition module in my distributor - does that eliminate the need for the condenser for me?


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Gord - i have a Pertronix ignition module in my distributor - does that eliminate the need for the condenser for me?
That's the best cure, Did that to mighty mouse last year after I found out my fuel problem that took a month to find out ... was just the condenser
My fuel tank vent hose up to the horn was pinched next to the horn bracket causing all sorts of weird running problems! The top of my fuel tank actually bowed in from fuel pump suction, came back up when I removed gas cap!


If you think you've eliminated all other possibilities and think it's the carb, take Gord's advice and install a rebuilt one. When I first got my engine running, it would only run with the choke on full. I took it apart and cleaned it the best I could with no improvement. I put one of Gord's on and it ran well under all conditions with the choke off. It remains trouble free 6 years later. To troubleshoot an accelerator pump problem:
Test 1. Step hard on the gas when the engine is idling. If engine stalls or hesitates and then recovers it indicates the pump is not working or not working properly
Test 2. Gradually increase rpms, if the engine responds smoothly it is further evidence of a faulty accelerator pump.
Based on what you've described, that doesn't sound like your problem to me.
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This past weekend Amphi was running roughly after being in the water for 1/2 hr. Car couldn't make it up the ramp trying to exit water, of course many bystanders taking pictures! Rolled back into water very slowly so engine wouldn't be submerged. Tried again. same thing, car died, no power to make it up ramp! Went to another more level ramp and got out ok. Made it home barely running. Pulled off fuel line at tank. Just a slow trickle of fuel ! Drained tank and removed petcock. Found it was full of crud blocking fuel flow. Back to normal now. Are these supposed to have a mesh sock inside tank over fuel tubes to prevent this problem like an old VW bug has?

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Fuel pump is wrong. Compare arm to original. Will notice a difference. Spitfires have a spacer to put arm in proper alignment.

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