Fuel Shutoff Valve???

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I have 2 fuel shut-off valves that came with my Amphicar(neither of which was installed). Which one is the correct valve for the Amphicar? Or is one early and the other late version?
The one on left has two pipes, one tall and one short. I would think that would allow a reserve of fuel for emergency.
The second valve has only one short pipe and no other inlet. That looks to have no reserve, but still not use all of the fuel in the tank. Possibly just an on/off valve?
Whichever I use still needs to be rebuilt as they are both full of crud and won't turn.
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The one on the left is the correct one, and you're right about the purpose of the two tubes. Soak out whatever dried crud might be inside and replace the rubberized cork washer that sits behind the control knob part and that should make it go again. I have that special washer in stock and Hugh doesn't carry it.

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From pictures in my Amphicar repair manual it looks like the fuel shut-off valve on the right is the original style used on Amphicar. It only has an on or off position with no reserve.
Now I'm wondering if fuel sender unit in tank is same for both of these shut-off valves? Are they possibly just calibrated different?

Stoddard Porsche sells ALL of the repair parts for the fuel shut-off valve in the "356" section. I just posted the part numbers and prices on another fuel valve post by echassignet.


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Thanks Ted for the parts numbers.

By looking carefully as the diagram and some pictures on the web, the Posche 356 uses a circlip while, as far as i can tell, the Amphicar petcock use a snap ring/plate with Auf, Zu, Res written on it. Is yours different?



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My Amphicar fuel shut-off is just like yours with the same markings. The clip fits snugly inside the OUTER edge of the housing. That is the same ring that I bought from Stoddard. If everything is loose you for sure need the cork gasket with the holes punched in it. New the cork it is almost 3/16" thick.