fuel shut off or at least the pesky double reverse threaded nut

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while workign on getting the old ratty 67 ( we believe) amphi at least streetable we got to the gas tank. while in good shape we were concerned about the condition of the shut off bowl. doing alot of reading we decided to bypass the shut off but we were still not feelign the love. Now flip back 3 months i picked up an early 80's Puch moped and have been foolign around with it. You guessed it----i had bought a new petcock for it and low and behold----the golden dual threaded nut is used on that petcock. I ordered the 16mm petcock- a week later----feeling the love--

below is the link to the part. $15 the company is well respected in the moped community.


good luck all and thank you for the information

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works great--I now have a fuel valve that WONT leak and I can still shut it off when needed. AWESOME FIND: