Fuel prices and a bit about Amphicar


David Chapman

Guys, Fill up now, fuel costs can only go one way in the US and Canada. It will
take a while before you are paying the equiv of over $5 US a gallon that Europe
and most of the rest of the world pays but it will happen. The US government are
currently storing vast quanties of fuel to try to control prices prior to the
November election - I'm not being political, it's something all governments do
as fuel price is very emotive for the electorate - but it can't be sustained,
there is no escaping that the price of a barrel of oil is at an all time high.

The tax on fuel there must also increase. As the rest of the world starts acting
on the the Kyoto agreement then the disparity of energy consumption in the US
has got to be addressed - and that's leaving aside all the global warming and
polution issues that effect us all.

Back on subject, it's great our shared interest uses a small and economical
motor however before my kids are old enough to drive Amphicar (15 years) I
expect I may be forced (or encouraged by punative taxes) to fit an alternative
power source. If I did it today it would be using a Toyota hybrid unit like this
one http://www.toyota.co.jp/en/tech/environment/ths2/index.html but I expect
fuel cell technology will give us better alternatives in the next few years.

David C

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