Fuel Line Location


Ed Price

Mark had commented earlier about how he had installed an electric fuel pump and
had wrapped his gas line (I assume between the pump and the carb) with
insulation to minimize gas boiling problems. I think the routing of the original
fuel line (close to & wrapping around the front of the block at the level of the
cover gasket) is about as bad of a thermal plan as you could imagine.

When I get to installing my engine, I plan to eliminate the mechanical fuel pump
in favor of an electric pump located near the fuel tank. I will route the fuel
line along the body metal at the rear of the engine, ending the hard line
somewhere above the clutch lever. I will then use a short loop of flex fuel line
to connect to the carb fuel bib. I'll probably also install some kind of custom
sheet-metal heat-shield to shield the gas line from the radiant heat off of the
block and exhaust manifold.

El Cajon
67 Rust Guppy

This should result in a lot less heating of the gas before it is delivered to
the carb float bowl.

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