Fuel line connector

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Con Oamek

Just an update on my search for a new brass fuel line connector (carburetor end, the fuel pump end is a different size):

I have discovered that the thread size is 12mm1.25, but can't come up with an exact replacement. It is possible to find connectors for the newer style linesat hose specialty shops, but they will need to be machined to make them work. Allan Woodcock found one that came real close, but didn't seal just right; I hope I can work on it a little to get it to work.

Hugh Gordon doesn't have any lines or connectors right now. Gord Souter has new original prebent fuel lines with both connectors, however, the price is a little steep unless you realize that he is the only game in town! I would buy one in a flash if I were doing a full restoration.

Does anyone have a good used connector in their parts bin; or has anyone come up with a good replacement that will seal tightly into the carb?

Thanks to everyone for their help.

Con Oamek
Redlands, CA