fuel injection


David Derer

Sam Ferge and I traveled to Syracuse, Indiana yesterday to pick up my
car with the fuel injection modifications completed. We were both
thrilled with the way this system works. The cold start without a choke
is incredible. The basic system uses the Throttle body injector used on
GM 4 cyl during the 80's and the marine engine control from my
employer, Delphi. Sam says that it now feels like a 1300 instead of an
1147. I will be in Celina to demo this system. Members of the tech team
will also attend to discuss as well. LEt me know if you want more info!

Thats going to be too cool. Sam Ferge is going to need his own tent.
"Indiana Innovations" or something like that. Fuel injection, disk
brakes, aluminum radiators, power tops- This Celina will be the best
ever. Later Dave the Wave