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Hi there ,
I am having trouble with a fuel gauge , the sender unit in the tank is ok, tested it on an other gauge and it works fine.
But the problem gauge gives 3/4 full when the sender is at low , i tried shifting the adjustment with coils but lower then 1/2 it won t go.
When i set the sender to full it wil go over the scale [ that i removed] and the reading is the full range . So it works correct only the scale is not correct to the reading . It has shifted 1/2 a tank reading to the right side.
Is it possible to remove the pointer needle from the shaft and then put it back in place so it gives the reading ok?
Has anyone tried this before ?
An other option is to drill 2 new holes in the rear plate and relocated the gauge so it give a proper reading.
Please let me know what you think.


Ken Chambers

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Hello Peter. Since you have two gauges to compare have you checked the coils? Measure the resistance of the wire. Maybe one is shorted causing a difference in magnetic field strength.


No Ken I did not do that ,but i build the correct working one back in my Amphicar . It can be the problem.
thx Peter
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