fuel flow problem

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After reading about fuel problems from vapor lock to collapsed fuel lines I came across a problem this weekend and wonder if anyone else has had ythis problem. My car would run fine for short periods of time. After checking filters and fuel lines I found that the material that was used to line my fuel tank was peeling off the inside of the tank and floating around. It finally came to rest on top of the fuel suction. I'm not sure if it could be the ethanol that is being put in fuel now or just an inferior product. Any input would be appreciated before I put the tank back in. Thanks

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Daniel & Kathy Gibson

When I overhauled my carb, I had a problem where it would run great,
then flood like crazy. Turns out that the fuel valve in the float
chamber was just a little taller than the original, and the float could
not close the valve all the way. I put the original valve back in, and
it worked fine until I got a new carb.

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the inside of my fuel tank has large areas pf what appears to be white coating falling off the side also. But from what I can tell none have made it down to pick up area.
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