Front Wheel Bearing Is Off


Arnold Hite

Thanks for all the advice on how to get my stuck wheel bearing race off
the front stub axle. Members appear to have three basic approaches to
getting a stuck race off. You can cut and chisel. Or, you can purchase
a correctly sized bearing puller. Or, you can apply leverage with two
crow bars. I ran out to Sears this morning, but I was unable to find a
bearing puller that would work. On to Harbor Freight Tools where there
were at least 6 different pullers. But none were big enough to reach
deep enough to grab the race and also small enough to fit inside the
recessed seal slot. So, I tried to carefully cut the race out with an
air powered cutter. After a couple of minutes, it was clear that I
would most likely also cut the stub axle, and probably the recessed slot
of the bearing seal. Only then did it to me to look through the deluxe
assortment of Drimmel accessories I had gotten for Christmas. The
little cutting wheel in there worked great. After I cut a small slot in
the race and hit it a couple of times with a chisel, the race slid right
off. Now, if only I can remember that for a few years until the next
time I have to do that job. Thanks for all of the advice.

Rolling again on Johns Island
Arnold Hite