Front Turn Signal Lens Color?

Tommy in Tampa

Amphicar Expert
Yes sir I think Gord is correct. And '64 would be a good guess as to when they changed color.
There is one thing to understand.
You may see a '66 (for example) early production late titled car with clear turn signals, you will never see a '63 or earlier car with amber lens.
I think, Tommy in Sunny Tampa

Tommy in Tampa

Amphicar Expert
Hi all, I just unloaded Amphicar # 106524132 so that makes it one of the very last cars Amphicar put together just as they were closing.
This car has only 469 miles and I do think it is all original. It is a blue car with a black top. It has CLEAR front turn signals.
I gotta go I will post pictures later after playtime is over.


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