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I'm in need of a front bracket to hold the plate. Does anyone have one they don't need or know where I can get one. I would take more than one. Prefer the original or original style. They may be available somewhere but I haven't been staying up to speed on this stuff for awhile. Looking forward to getting back to Celina this year and more swim ins in the future. Ahoy!


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I have only seen 1 or 2 the whole time I have been redoing Amphicars.
I make a alu bracket from lower bumper bolt to bolt then mount plate to it below bumper.
will look later for a pic


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For what it's worth, I'm in California (a front plate state ) and have never had a front plate on either of my cars and I drive them on the freeways. No one has ever stopped me about it or given me a ticket. I did have a highway patrol guy stop me so that he could take pictures of the car though.

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67 Red

P.S. I always thought they looked awkward and risked damaging the paint on the front.


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  • Me too John. there a quick bracket(broken in this pic) on my glass car but no plate(2pc bumper)
  • pic att. LED turn signals and daytime driving the older set can see me in Florida
  • others are hug below bumper and some install on a hindge so they bend back when in water

parts 2 024.jpg
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not a good shot but alu goes across and plate bolts to it, no extra holes in bumper 1 pc.
bracket above in Strandweiss6's pic, was made for 2 pc bumpers and if I remember there for European plates but copuild be rebent or made for USA style
(just because he lits it does not mean they have it)
I learned that the hard way when I first got my stock.



I have the 2pc bumper and the license place bracket is simply a piece of 1-1/2 x 1-1/2 x 1/8" aluminum angle 11" long under the inner-most bumper bolts on the top side. I have a very small piece of foam weatherstrip at the top of the plate to protect the point of the bow from any plate/paint contact. Simple, but it works

Plate1.jpg PltBrkt.jpg
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I called Gordon's and they haven't had these in stock for quite some time. I have a single piece front bumper so I'd probably have to drill it. Anyway, they might make a few but didn't say for sure. - AZP

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