Amphicar Expert
I have a few steel hoods
1.. acid dipped, and is in bare metal... but poor $200
2. acid dipped,repaired(new inner metal on nose,finished body filled and primed,, good hood...$950.00IMG_6005.JPG
3. EARLY steel hood, has a box type frame and is held on hinges by 2 bolts. VERY rare, was done over in 1997 and painted white.has filler in it but perfect on outside.$1000.00 thats foam on insideIMG_6007.JPG

5.The steel hood I made my Glass moulds from.. perfect and painted Viper Red.$2300.00
These are in Orillia and are not Shipable at a reasonalble price.

I go to Florida in winter and may be able to bring with me.
6.My fibreglass front hoods are excellent. inside is as smooth as outside, all treads for mounting stuff is done, there ajustable as steel one are. Board sand level ,prime and paint.$630.00
some here, some in NH and Some in Florida.