Front hoods


Gord Souter

It is always hard to get a message out till it is to late.
People call me up after they have bought a hood else were that is fine on
the outside but not correct on the inside and no provision has been made for
mounting on cars.
My hood are of coarse the same on the out side but inside they are a better
finish than originals make them in 2 half's inner and outer and join
together after I have installed proper adjusting bolts for hinges and front
safety spring and horn bolt,I also run 2 wires up in the centre for the
horn(2 because you now need a return ground wire).
Yes the bodyman is still going to need a day to prep and board sand for
painting but you will never have to do it again!Putting one painted red on a
car today , will snap a photo.
I also do the same with the rear engine hoods( but can not double it up
where the fins are.)
I have a few rear hoods in stock now and am starting another run on front
hoods next week.
for pricing see my web page.
Latest on my glass products is complete inner rear fenders,(includes were
the battery sits etc.)
Email for photos

Gord Souter,Canadian 4 amphs,
L3V 6H4

MY new phone # is 1 705 327 2820

I buy, sell and restore Only Amphicars
over 700 different parts for sale.
Interior kits and fibreglass panels my specialty!

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