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Larry & Nancy Solheim

<font color="#7f3f00"><font size="3">Thanks to those of you who took time out on Friday night (or just didn't have anything else to do) to join the few who inaugurated the Chat Room. This is a good way to ask questions and express opinions with fellow Amphicar enthusiasts <u>IN REAL TIME!</u> (sort of like a cyberspace Celina?) I think the last chat was 1997 or so - good to have it back.</font></font> <font color="#7f3f00" size="3"></font> <font color="#7f3f00" size="3">Mike, you are doing a terrific job with the new forum.</font> <font color="#7f3f00"><font size="3"></font></font> <font color="#7f3f00"><font size="3">--Larry</font></font> <font size="3"></font><font color="#7f3f00"> <font color="#000000" size="3">Hey Tommy, we hope your mother is doing OK!</font>

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