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An Amphi purchased years and years ago. They don't age well outside. Color the snow green, it will look like Celina! Just another reason to head south. See Yall in Mt Dora. Later Dave the getting ready for next -5 blast Wave


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Canadian four amphs

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Dave, when you coming down.
have a spare bedroom in Leesburg if you need a place to stay, once I clean up the previous owners mess.
off to scrub it down today,
Call me on my cell when ever anyone of you(Club) come to Florida.
Always ready to go Amphiccar swimming with my white 67,,Casper.

Leesburg is 30 miles north of Orlando

Midwest Amphicar

Worlds Largest Amphicar Destination
Ahh My friend, I wish I was there already. I sent Margie down on her own last week. My next scheduled trip is for Amphicar , I mean antique boat show in March. I would leave now but work is piling up. Later Dave the Wave