Amphicar Expert
Just got home from Michigan.Left John L at 4pm. for a 5-6 hr drive home.
Got home at midnight!!!!Right after Herb called at 9.30 and we said in Toronto traffic OK it dead stopped. sat there for hour slowly creeping to next overpass. got of and took city streets to a very expensive toll road. wew,
other than that, what a weekend.
all sorts of crazy antics. .Even Joanne got into Amphicar and Shocked the H%^&* out of John L. when she splashed him.
Chuck Chuck up to his usual break downs etc,. in river infront of 100's of spectators.Joanne took pictures. SO many cars!Soo much traffic, so many spectators.
SOO much Rain on trip back to Dawns!At night, no wippers, no bright front lights, coulod not see centre line or ditch.. went into ditch. oh there it is!!!
pics to come!