Frame rails to bilge floor sealed?

I would like to hear everyones thoughts on this subject...I seem to remember scraping out a bead of sealer at the intersection between the frame rails and the metal floor on my Amphi before sending it to be blasted. Is this something that should be done to keep bilge water out of the tight area between the frame and hull? Or if it is sealed up tight would it be counterproductive as it wouldnt allow this area to dry out if any water did get in there? It seems like it is an area that is almost impossible to paint and needs to have something done to preserve it other than just trying to get as much paint as I can in there with a brush. Thanks!

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You have Answered your own question,I would not try to super seal it ''
but better to paint then spray a creaping waterproof undercoating in the hard spots,


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Amphicar used a Lucas ignition coil but does anyone know if it had a sticker on originally ? I know some of you (Mike E?) have really low mileage original cars. All the original coils I've seen have been a silver colour with no stickers. Of course the coil gets hot so a sticker might have come off ?

Have a look at ebay item 170089965727 someone has reprinted all the Lucas stickers from over the years. As the coil on the Amphicar is so visible it would be nice to detail this part.

David C