FORWARDED: More on the Lost Amphi



The following is what I got from Robert this AM;

I have learned that when my red 1967 Amphicar was registered in
Missouri to the previous owner, Roy Rowland of the Rowland Motel in
Branson, MO, they used the motor number for the Vehicle ID Number.
The paperwork I have is as follows: the car was registered in
Missouri with boat number MO 4520 TT. I registered it in California
for 1980 with boat number CF 9916 GN. I registered it in California
in 1980 for car license plates and they had the VEH ID (really the
motor number ) as GK 1397 HE. My 1980 California plates were
914YZA . I sold it to Star Cars in Santa Ana, CA in 1981. It was
used in "240 ROBERT". I had my wife's name SALLIE in black letters on
the back. I had no sun visors and the trim strip across the top of
the windshield was missing, torn off during the filming of "240
ROBERT." There was a dent in the front bumper just left of center.
The passenger's side door pocket was torn, also done during the
filming of "240 R! OBERT." Any help would be appreciated. See behind-
the-scenes photos on the internet at the 240 ROBERT website or do a
google search with my name and amphicar and the website should pop
up. Thanks to everyone! Robert H. Gibbons 67 Red