For Sale: NOS Full Rear Quarter Panels (Raised Lip)


Mike Israel

Hello All,

I have what may well be the only remaining set of NOS
(New Old Stock) Amphicar quarter panels left on earth.
These are the complete rear quarters from the top fin
to the bottom of the wheel well, from the very rear of
door all the way back.

Anyway, I was going to post them on Ebay but I figured
I would offer them to other list members first. They
are not cheap but I will sell them for what I paid.
Cost would be $1,100 each (not negotiable). You would
need to pick them up (I am about 40 minutes from
Philadelphia) or else pay actual shipping costs (to
include having them properly packed at a Mailboxes
Etc. type of place).

They are simply too nice for my car! If you are
looking to do a first class restoration, or need to
restore a real basket case, these are probably for

Mike Israel
65 Amphi (white)
Amphicar List Admin / Owner


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