food coloring to look for leaks


Bihari, James

Thanks so much toSteve Reich for sending the light pole pictures. Yeah, fromthe picture of the light pole I can see that my light pole is missing that metal piece that wraps all the way around the black plastic near the end. I'll have to make something like that out of brass.

I guess we will be heading to Celina in a red 64 and I will get my registration in just under
the July 1 wire. Having a family reunion next week and want to see if any family want
to come along.

Took the Amphi out into the lake without the rear engine cover on today to look for leaks. I poured a small bottle of food coloring under the spare tire beforehand.
I did see a small leak coming in from the rear bumper area and there was a stream
of water coming from the front mostly just after I entered the water (and this boat
ramp makes the nose dip under) and the water coming out the bilge was red (from food
coloring). So I know that most of my leaks are coming from the front. I did tape the
holes under the doors and not much coming in there. Even though I got all new seals
everywhere, I knew the front trunk hood seals leaked because you easily slip a piece
of paper out from the seal of the hood when closed, but I didn't think that much water
would leak in there since the front hood is usually much higher than the water lever
(except when you enter) But I guess I'll have to add another layer of some kind of
weatherstrip and check all the front bumper bolt holes and headlights etc. with a
hose to look for leaks.

Jim Bihari