Flowers and Amphicars


Ken Chambers

In the current issue of the Amphicar Newsletter, I read with great amusement a
story about a definitely female Amphicar. While
Amphipoda has touched on this subject in the past most of us, I'm sure, have
never given much thought to the gender of our
Amphicars. When I saw the author of the article, I read the story with
heightened interest. Bruce McCreary related how he came
about buying his second Amphicar from a young female college student. She had
her white car all painted up with flowers and
garlands. As much as he appreciated her fine artistic talents, his fishing
buddies were quite unrelenting in their jokes. So he
had the car painted red to end the jokes and to park it alongside Old Blue, his
decidedly male first Amphicar.

This article struck a particularly familiar chord with me because that's my
Amphicar Bruce is now writing about. In all the
excitement of buying the car from him last year, I do vaguely recall him saying
something about a college student and flowers.
Well, at least I can now say with some confidence what the gender of one of my
Amphicars is - and she's great fun.

Ken Chambers, CA
'64 female Amphi