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After a very stressfull trip from Ontario just before the newyear I am finally in Florida.As soon as I got in the big hills in NY,my truck dropped a cylinder,I stopped at Ron Greens, he took a day of work and we tryed to fix it but found #4 hade no comp.took the fuel injector of that cyl.,,then the drive line developed a sqeek, we changed both u joints and I was on my way.Very slowly with 7 cyl. towing a heavy trailer,.In SC. the squeek came back and is still with me. Im thinking now it is in rear drum emergency brake.
All settled in I took off on my bicyicle for the first time since I broke my leg and found I can bike real good.I take a cane with me in case I stop but look and feel like a normal person when riding. YEA,
I have brought with me 1 of most parts I thought I might need in case of problems and for outhers but was Testing A Ampchiar out and a part broke I didn,t have.Met up with Dan Borgman and together we were able to make 1 out of 2.
I have a red, Apriacot, and a lite blue interior kit with me In Leesburg Fl.
My cell # is 1 386 882 0334
Im off today to look at place to buy in Fl. I can use for a winter base.
Would like to get together with Fl area owners this weekend for a little swim,:dft012:

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One unstated benefit of this and the Club is help in every state. Margie Mermaid is going to be in Tavares/Dora area Jan 17-21. Some r&r plus house hunting. Maybe You could get a swim in going during her time there ? Later Dave the Winter still sucks here Wave

Canadian four amphs

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I jacked up the truck, put in safty stand and found squeek..
The seal on the front of the differetial is spinning,I just had the rear end redone by trany shop before I left,,
once it heats up metal expands and seat sqeek stops. I temp fixed it I hope.
Now todays order is to find a winter home.

Canadian four amphs

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I now have a winter home, it even has a water address so Im all set.
Riverview Dr in Leesburg.About 700 ft from a boat ramp and 16 miles to Dora lake where the Fl. group has its meet the end of March.
I will set up a 2ed parts order shop from here in the months to come.:003:
At this time the only way to reach me is on my cell,386 882 0334 or email

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