Floorboards, Pontiac Moon, Tee Shirts, Text Editor (BETA)



Missed a weeks posting. Somehow got 'bounced ' out of the group.

I've been seaching for floorboard material for my car. It didn't
come with one and the bilge was a mess. Went to Boeing surplus and
found nothing. Then I remembered a guy a few miles from here who's
making a 727 home up in the hills. I gave him a call because I
heard he had replaced all of his floors with clear lexan. I ended
up with a beautiful sheet of laminated aluminum with a balsa core.
I cut and trimmed and sealed the edges. It looks great. Strong as
the dickens. I don't think the whole thing weighs 3#'s. Here's a
link to his web site to see his home. Pretty wild.

Watched Pontiac Moon last nite. Thank you NetFlix. If it weren't
for the Amphicar that movie would have been a total dud. Good

Hey, who do I talk to about a Celina Tee Shirt? Those were wild!

Second attempt to send this. I used the new Rich-Text Editor which
promply sent my post to cyber hell.

Lawn mower, bad idea. Margarita blender, good idea.

glenn in orygun
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