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Its offical. Amphicars have be invited back to Steve Plunkett's show for 2012
I just got off the phone with him,
Date is June 1st weekend
He plans some more improvements to the ramps and Friday night show is the REAL
Frankie Vally and the Four Seasons
Saturday dinner is to be followed with Paul Revier and the Raiders!!
go to his website.(www.fleetwoodcountrycruizein.com)
lots on youtube too!Ron.. of coarse.


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Report on the show!
We had about 20 Amphicar type people at the London show, Most stayed at the Travel lodge and that gave us time to meet and mingle at breakfast before going to Steves.Ina and Bob brought there motorhome and stayed at site. Firday was a comlete Rain out and all we could do was stay indoors somewhere(my Wife took us to malls, boo)
On Saturday the rain held off till night so a full day of activity was in store. the Whole group got invovled in the yearly give a ride for chartity program
Some loading people some collecting the cash, some giving the rides and 2 had a most interesting job, There was a little brige (you can just see it above the siver truck in photo)just wide enough for a Amphicar with about 6 inches to spare, they stood at each side of the bridge to stop the people walking over and clear a way for the cars safely. No easy task, and a big thanks for there hard work.WE COLLECTED OVER $1800.00 in 1 day!
By the end of the day the exit wasd mud abou 6 iches deep for 12 feet. mud was forming at the bridge too.
Oh by the way this is a golf coarse! what a mess when we were threw.
On Sunday the rain came back, most gave up and left from the motel but a few came back to Plunkets, leaving bit by bit till noon. The ramps were too poor to use but I set my car afloat(with a teather) by itself for a while to give the few leftover spectators something to see. Ron and ourselfs left around 2 pm.
Photos the fellow in Yellow coat is George Barris(cusom car guy from 50'sBatmobile etc, he's 87 now) Othe felow is ALL silver, hes a Elvis mine.Kept that pose while Ron slashed in... Look at all the people snaping pics!
Both fiday night and saturday night shows were GREAT!!!IMG_6022.JPGIMG_6021.JPG

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