Flat quarter repair

Midwest Amphicar

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There is some shape to flat rear quarters. I use english wheel in certain areas to fight the shrinkage that happens during welding. You can use a 5 inch round pipe and put some curve in metal too. Experiment, practice and enjoy. You will use some filler. Weld slowly. Clean your welds and cover in epoxy. Do like others do and call with questions. Later Dave the Wave


Amphicar Expert
Keep in mind that the Amphicar is not straight from top to bottom or from rear to door post. there is quite a bulge to give room for the tire and I have seen after cars have been worked on where this has been missed and tire is so close to the outer body.
I have measured Original cars space from inner body behind spring to outer body and add 1/2 in to this when building up new inners to fit new 185-13 radials