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Fishing on EBay – Sale of the ‘Guppy’

If you’re like me, you check EBay once in a while to see if any new Amphicars have come on the market and what they sell for. Over the past many months, other than some parts cars, or extreme project cars, nothing that floats has sold.

On September 6th, I put my 1966 white, one owner, up for sale with a realistic reserve of $59K. Realistic in the sense that I think that’s what it is worth. I had little expectation that it would sell, then again, I’ve never seen a one owner, California Amphicar on EBay before, or anywhere else for that matter. Like many of us, I consider mine in excellent condition, though not as excellent as some I’ve seen on the Club Member’s picture page.

On the first day it went from an opening bid of $5K to $20K, and then it jumped to $25K and stopped. On day three, I lowered the reserve to $49K; it jumper from $25K to $35K. There were 80+ people on the ‘Watch List’.

Prior to mine, the previous sellers used “Buy it Now” options and didn’t get any bids. The last Amphicar that I saw sell sold for $30K. I figured I would see how high mine might go, or how low the bottom might be.

One of the first bidders, who went up to $25K, asked me what the reserve was. I didn’t say. He wished me luck, “EBay is mostly bottom fishing,” he said. That’s true enough.

Long story short, after lowering my reserve price to $46,500 it sold. That’s half way between the average price and the high price on N.A.D.A.’s classic car website. All said and done, “you pay for the restoration and get the car free.” In another time, on the planet ‘Barrett-Jackson’, it might have fetched $90 K plus.

Though I’ve never been to an Amphicar swim-in, I’ve been driving my Amphicar around California since 1968. It has gone to a good home, a young family in Kentucky, and I’m sure they will be in Celina.

Best wishes to all of you, it’s been a pleasure.


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Hate to see you go, but glad Amphi found a good home.

I think it is all about the economy. Many people who were potential buyers a few years ago are either unemployed or fearful that they will be. You can no longer get a home equity loan at the drop of a hat, and many homes have no equity to begin with Yeah, this whole occupy wall street movement is going to be interesting.

What is in line to replace your amphi?


Dave Wind 66 White
I purchased a 1959 Austin Healey 3000 Mk I on EBay; rusty, but all there. It should arive this week. I'm thinking about submerging it in Molasas and water up to the floorboards for a couple of weeks. Check it out on YouTube under 'rust removal on cars'. There's an Austrailian fellow that has a five minute video. It's amazing. Let me know what you think.


I've heard about molasas and read up on the science. Seems as though it's all based in fact. However, I've also read up on vinigar as a rust remover and have even used it to clean several parts I've taken off my 76 Civic. It works really well. 24 hours in a bucket of 5-7% acid white vinegar and things start to loosen up nicely AND much easier to clean off than molasas. Sorry to hear you let go of your Amphicar. You just got out and I just got in. Good luck with the Austin. I'm sure it'll be a beauty.



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I bought my 67 White Amphicar from a guy in Paducah KY and hauled it to California. Ebb & flow I guess.

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