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    I just wanted to say thanks to Marc, the board and all who worked to
    put together the annual Celina event for the rest of us. This was the
    first year for me and my family and what a great time we had.
    From watching the awesome fireworks "front row" on the lake, to the
    VIP treatment from the friendly people of Celina, the conversations
    and late night/early morning beverages with The Bilgemaster, the
    Echemanns, Paul from Germany(now Michigan 30 minutes from me), the
    Schlemmer's, Eric M., The Wave, Nick and Sandi, the Parsons and many
    more, to watching 50 Amphicars line up for a photo with a guy hanging
    out of a helicopter- it was all great. I feel very fortunate to have
    gone from exactly one year ago, "tripping" over an annoucement of
    Celina 2000 on the radio and spending the day Saturday watching 40
    cars go into the water for the first time in my life, then finding a
    good car at a decent price and actually participating in Celina 2001
    with 58 cars and being fortunate enough to be only 3 hours from
    Celina. Incredible! What a diffence a year makes.
    Thanks again to all you worker/participants who must have put a great
    deal of time and effort into this event from us mere mortals who only
    participated and thoroughly enjoyed. My hat's off to you.

    Greg Zinkosky
    '67 amphi white(Michigan)

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