First swim success



I was fortunate to be able to purchase a nicely restored 66 white
amphicar from Mark in CO.
It arrived safely in Boston via Intercity Transport. It is well
worth the extra money to have it shipped in-side a trailer from a
company that uses its own rigs and knows how to treat classic cars.

After a couple weeks of dealing with insurance companies and titling
in the state of Taxachusetts, we met up with Chas Gould at a British
car event on Sunday to get a dry land instruction and then a on-the-
water walk through on the Charles River.

I will have to say, no matter how many adreneline activities you do
(I hang glide and sky dive) there is an extra thrill of driving a
2000lb auto right into the river. Probably not the same as someone
who has retored the car and does it for the first time, bt all-in-
all a great experience.

Everything went smoothly, with several short test dips, followed by
bilge plug removal and inspection, followed by several long ones.
We really gave the spectators a show as we "drove right in" many

We live so close to the ramp that we plan to make outing many days a
week after work. We also look forward to becoming active members in
the club.

Robert and Chi-Chi