First Impressions



Hello Amphicar Lovers,

I was thinking about first impressions of an Amphicar. Having owned
my car for several years now and traveled with it a bit, I guess I
have introduced Amphi to literally thousands of people. Owning an
Amphi is not recommended for an introvert who doesn't like crowds!
And there is a challenge to being a Amphi Ambassador answering the
same questions over and over and over. One must however be humble,
and realize its the Amphicar that is the celebrity, not the owner!

I play a little game and trade questions, drawing folks out of their
routine as they view my magic car. And I base these questions, upon
their first comment, which can tell you a lot about somebody.
If you ask me "what year is it?", you will get a different response &
followup question than if you say "cool" which is the favorite younger
crowd first comment and also best mirrors my feelings about Amphi!

The rarer but sincere first statement I like is, "I want one!" These
tend to be fun people without a lot of baggage, and will truly
appreciate if you can give them their first ride! I got a new one this
last weekend. I was parked on a sandbar in the middle of a lake having
a toddy with a lady friend and some guys came along in a pontoon boat.
They looked us over rather seriously and said, " Man are you gonna be
surprised when you sober up!" The only question I could think of to
throw at them with a drunken slur was " Hey man, do you know how we
can get back to the highway?"

Paul Lalewicz

64 Green
00 AmphiCamper