First Amphicar in Celina

Countdown Clock to Amphicar Forums Shutdown


Hi all, I guess we have the first car to arrive in Celina.
We were invited to attend the Music Box Soctiey's Mid American Band
Organ Rally in Wabash Indiana last weekend. It was great, 44 antique
Carousel and Dance Hall Organs can make a lot of sweet, sweet music,
although I must admit the Red '67 Amphi got as much attention as any
2 organs.
So the deal is that Wabash Indiana is only 55 miles from Celina.
After the rally we took the trailer with the Amphi and 2 organs to
the Hauf Braus House. He has to be the nicest Inn Keeper in America.
He was waiting in the street to direct us as we drove up - thats
unbelievable. From our first contact they have been super and there
dog people too.
Corky the Red 67 will keep the light on.
The party starts Thursday.
Tommy and Lynne in Tampa