First Amphicar arrives in Celina


Hi all, We hauled the '68 Amphicar "Weird Herald" to the Crosley meet about
90 miles north of Celina Friday and Saturday. It was cool, they have over 4000
owners in there group and 140 cars came to the event. The Amphicar was a hit
for sure, it was the largest and most powerful auto by far. It was great for
Heralds self image.
Saturday night we moved to Celina, Sunday we went for a swim. WH was happy to
slide into the welcoming green water of the lake. We swam from the Eagles to
the Hot Hole. Then off to the airport to fly to Tampa.
So now we can work on the other Amphi. Its been "as cranky as Krushev during
a caviar embargo" lately. Tommy in Tampa

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