firing order


David Derer

Barring some bizarre modification, like if you've somehow spatuled a V-8

into the engine compartment, there is only one correct answer: 1, 3, 4,

By using a cap from say an MG. The order will look completely different
on cap. I think that is his problem. The caps look the same but are at a
different angle. Thus his number one is now number three. Later Dave the

OK Group I guess it is time to let the cat out of the bag. There is nothing
wrong with my cap and I do have the stock original engine in my car (engine
number matches the plate on the car).
When I went to help Charles Gould out with his car I had noticed that his
firing order appeared different than the one that I had on my car. Since his
car was built after mine according the the chassis number I decided that my
car should also have the same firing order as his. When I arrived home I
looked at my order and it was in fact different than the one on his car. I
verified with Charles that his firing order was what it was and then I placed
mine the same way and voila', my car purred like a kitten and I was able to
take my very first every Amphicar ride.
I would like to thank Charles for the opportunity to help him work on his
car as I would otherwise not have known about the firing order difference.

To those of you who scoff at me I would like to point out that our cars
are unique in many ways and that even when you think that we know all about
them.....something new comes out.

I would also like to point out that if not for this group of sharing
individuals we would not be able to alert others who may experience
difficulties to what we know.

62 and swimming!!!!!!!!!