"Find and Rescue"


Robert Vondracek

The "Find and Rescue" Mission

I have always loved machines, especially cars. I was educated as an
architect, but I was also very interested in mechanical engineering.

Since European sports were always on the leading edge of technology
and performance, I was always a fan of them and have owned many used ones.
I have been an enthusiast for 30 years . For the same reasons, I have owned
Amphicars for nearly the last 20.
I was diagnosed with MS about 10 years ago. Although I have no
obvious physical disability, my ability to balance has declined and my
skills as a performance driver have diminished enough so that I love to say
"My sports car days are over". This is perfect! I discovered years ago that
Amphicars were much more fun than any other car anyway. And fun is one of
the main ingredients in this Amphi frenzy!
Since one of my MS symptoms was slurred speech, I sounded drunk most
of the time. Because of this, it became impossible for me to successfully
deal with prospects in my custom residential construction business. And
because of a few other MS symptoms, at age 50, I retired from my
construction company. My company now is being run by the key employees. Four
of them have become partners.
Amphicars are my favorite hobby. I started inventing accessories
that make the car better. Since I wanted to own a trailer for hauling my car
on long trips and couldn't find one that met my requirements, I designed and
built a small and light car trailer. And since many Amphi owners were so
intrigued by my design and wanted one, I decided to make and sell them. I
named it "The Not So Big Trailer Company". That name is a take-off of "The
Not So Big House", a well known residential architecture book. I also design
enclosed Amphi trailers, as well as providing a line of full sized open and
enclosed trailers "that look like they are going 100 mph when they are
parked". I have sold about 20 on eBay. I have an associate who likes to
deliver, so we deliver them all over the country.
I felt that someone needed to find all the cars that were hiding in
barns and to put them into the hands of enthusiasts that would use them. I
had always heard that it was almost impossible to find Amphicars, and if you
did, the owners all know they are worth a fortune and consequently very
difficult to purchase. But I know car enthusiasts all over the country. They
all have e-mails and I have sent out hundreds of mass mailings telling these
car guys that I am looking for Amphicars. I am shocked at all the leads I am
getting. I am locating and buying Amphicars at reasonable prices; I have
purchased six since June of ' 04 when I started my hunt. And I have built a
reputation with the Amphicar Club for honesty and integrity. Just ask any
Amphicar club member!
It is a always an adventure to rescue Amphicars! Most of the cars
that I have found are in the Midwest, but I have even gone as far as the
west coast to buy them. It is not expensive to ship an Amphi across the
country. And if it is reasonably close, I load it on an NSB trailer and
bring it home myself. I buy and sell Amphicars, and also provide a "finders
service" for people who are looking for a car in a specific color,
condition, budget, etc.
I can also pickup and deliver your car affordably.
Robert Vondracek
Not So Big Trailer Company, LLC,
219-405-1241, www.notsobigtrailer.com, sales@notsobigtrailer.com

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