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Fin vs Fear:
My fine finned friends I fear your discussion
of VIN numbers vs Years of production misses
one all important question - that being does your
Amphi really care when it was born?! Let's
look at it from Amphi's standpoint... having
been adopted by a caring, loving, water going
family is very important indeed, however is
that all there is to amphibious life? Do our
Amphi's also crave the knowledge of their
roots, heritage, and of their family tree? As
a self appointed ambassador with a keen ear
for what spins Amphi's props, I can say with
certainty that your Amphi's would MUCH
rather be swimming, or be waxed, or lubed,
or have its bilge flushed, or pretty much any-
thing else besides waiting for their owners to
resolve some semi-random numbering scheme
of a 40 year old failed auto factory on the
other side of the planet. That having been
said... I look forward to hearing about who's
doing what to create a program that will take
all the theories mentioned on VIN numbers
and Years of production add in all the variables
(i.e., lips, bilge hole size, lower fins, chromed
window frame, crinkled dash, etc...) and have
this program spit out birth certificates for club
members to present to their Amphis as holiday
Be well, swim safe!

`64 Turquoise
San Diego, CA
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