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I have been looking into Allan Woodcock's fin moldings...and the other trim pieces for the headlights, taillights and such. He has made moldings out of aluminum and had them bright dip anodized. I haven't actually seen these pieces in person, but I like the idea of the anodized finish and think that "look" would be perfect. Plus, I have confidence in Allan's products.
In any case, Allan is looking to get another batch of these moldings made and needs to get some orders lined up to see if a run is justified.
Take a look at these at
The best email contact for Allan is awoodc "at" earthlink "dot" net

What do you think? there some interest? Let Allan know.

Marc Schlemmer


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Hi Marc,

Allen does them the way that Amphicar did them and they are easily the best match for the originals. I'm in good shape right now so I don't need any but I would certainly recommend them.

John Friese
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They have much more fex than stainless steel and fit perfect and look right. I put them on all cars I restore.The fibregass car in pic is a future candidate.everything you see in pic other than windishiel frame is fibreglass.100_2569.JPG