Filter Thoughts


Michael Echemann

The next time you need an oil filter you might want to try Car Quest filter
# 85312. It' a standard filter however it's the only brand I know of which
still comes with the filter adaptor in the box. Not that it's needed much
anymore but if you ever take an original filter off an Amphi you will need
this adaptor to install a modern one. Not a bad idea to have one in your
parts bin.

Also I don't know if any other owners do this but I always install a fuel
filter inline between the fuel tap and magneto valve. Car Quest # 86002 is
the perfect one. It's clear so you always know the if the fuels flowing and
it's clean. My fuel taps have the filters installed too but I've never had
a problem using this extra one.

If anyone considering getting a new or better bilge pump I'd suggest the
Flojet model 4125114, 12 volt. It's fantastic, is a diaphragm pump with
extra inline strainer filter and will run all day.

Is anyone out there using "water wetter"? If so, are you using it with or
without antifreeze.

Wish I was in Mt. Dora. Taking some time this weekend to work on getting
the car ready for the season.