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    Hello Mr. Amphipoda? Is that your real name?
    Anyway, I just wanted to thank you for giving
    my kids a ride in your boat-car. My son started
    bugging me to buy one ever since he got home.
    He became so damn insistent that I had to actually
    gag and ground him. He had been told that he may
    no longer mention the topic in this household ever
    again. Unfortunately this morning we found he
    had managed to escape his bindings and has run
    away from home, no doubt to join the local Navy
    Amphibious unit. Perhaps a happy ending after all.
    Our daughter, on the other hand, was so damn
    traumatized by the experience that she hasn't
    spoken a single word since you drove her into the
    water. What on earth were you thinking? For
    God's sake man, these were normal well adjusted
    children before they met you and that... that damn
    boat-car of yours. Perhaps the fault is not entirely
    yours, maybe I too should share in the blame for
    not being there. I suppose I'll miss our son from
    time to time and not hearing my daughter's voice is
    a mixed blessing, despite her intensive psychiatric
    therapy and anti-depressant drug bills. Such is life.
    So in closing I just wanted to thank you again for
    the incredible effect you and your boat-car have
    had on this family. No other single event, since
    my x-wife ran off with my brother's son, has so
    throughly enriched our lives.

    Yours Truly,
    Mr. W. Allen


    Dear Mr. Allen,
    Hey, don't blame me! I had a great time til your
    son made a move on his sister in the backseat. I
    guess our Amphicar inspires more than just smiles
    in your "close-knit" little family.


    `64 Turquoise
    San Diego

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