Fan blade stud direction?

Someone recently posted the direction of the radiator fan blades being indicated by the forward or rear direction of the stud heads. This affects air flow and cooling capacity.
Searching for this post and could not find it.
My stud heads are pointing toward the rear of the vehicle not the engine.

If anyone can remember the post or direction of fan please let me know? Thanks much!
Larry, Yes! It was hiding in plain sight.
Of course my fan was on backward. For me that is not a 50-50 chance to get it wrong. I changed it around. Not too bad of a job. Took about an hour. Split the shroud halves and fan was accessible enough to get bolts out.
Thanks for the help finding the post! Mark


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I just went out and took some pic of an Original engine(waiting to be rebuilt)
Just finished a 1147cc motor, New 20 over pistons and 10 under crank, Stock for resale.100_2945.JPG


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I have been driving around since flipping fan over today. Very hot and humid and temp guage right straight up in middle. Unbelieveable!
Always ran on edge of red no matter what I tried.

My ignition switch is still not working though. Starts with button switch. You have a used one laying around Gord? Or perhaps a part number from a parts store that will work?


Glad it worked for you, Mark. I even won the "high coolent temp" contest on the Rock River one year with Dave the Wave, but no more. Funny how such a simple thing can make such a difference. When the engine is on the stand it just looks so much better without the fan hub supports showing (as they should). Gord's pic is evidence of that. --Larry


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part #31-44 used ign. switch with orginal key #5402... $45.00
used Ing switch with matching glove box lock(new)Orig. key 5417.....$75.00
NOS Ingition switch with key 5419...$100.00
This is the last of my Ign, stock.
Can take to Celina.


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