Fan balancing?

Jon March

in flipping my fan blades, i now notice one blade has a ding and they arent all in alignment -

is there a service or type of shop that i can bring or send the fan blade assembly to, to have it balanced and straightened?

Or: having seen the new CV axles, aluminum props and other neat things that people have come up with - has any place computer designed a high performance alumuinm fan yet?-
....ive seen the comments that, altho many others have tried, the original (heavy!) steel fan seemed to flow the most....but watching Orange County Chippers and the many other shows with laser scanning, computers and water jet billet=machining systems---in motorcycle shops...i have to assume there are high performance fan makers for cars too. with only 40 hp to begin with, i would think swinging a slipperier & lighter aluminum blade set would really please that little 1147.