Fall swim

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We took a swim at The Anchor Inn this Sunday afternoon. Fall was in
the air; it was cloudy and cool with a slight wind out of the north.
The trees are beautiful this time of the year along the Rock River.
We chose to leave the top up to avoid the chill. Our 2 girls invited
a friend along to enjoy the swim and play. Amphi was cleaned out
right after Lake Geneva and all the usual things like chairs and
anchors were home in the garage. The girls wanted to go in fast. It
is our home ramp so why not. Not thinking of the added weight in the
back seat and the light load up front, we really brought the nose up
and the river in the back. You could smell the steam off the muffler
and the girls were a little wet. We went in and out a few more times
before deciding to go in to the Anchor for refreshments. We had some
good drying off conversations with boaters. Caryl says that no
matter what mood she may be in, she always smiles after a good swim
in Amphi. She was smiling today. We had a great fall swim.
We are looking forward to the end of October swim-in in the Dells.
Marty & Caryl
'64 Turq