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Good morning from germany, my friends and me made an really incredible found here in northern germany.A collector died some weeks ago and we looked into his barnes with his widows agreement she told us she owns two amphicars...ok quite nice restorabel condition, all parts there ....but thats not the amazing thing...we found in one room near the barn tons of factory new parts made in the 1960 yrs...its so unbelievable...he has everything! I cant imagin that a single person owned so much spareparts......we called a german club and told them....they didnt believe and laughed at us....ok they had their chance....and lost it...Lots of things packed in factory brown paper . We took 2 days to sort only the smaller parts up to bumpers ,steering wheels, lamps and so on (!) and made some fotos...only for example we have 48 of new decals( locates on both sides) --------amphicar------- and hood decals, never mounted, never touched. On the top of the barn we found tons of factory metal plates to build cars, hoods, doors, windows...i think we will take 2 weeks to sigthen everything, we also saw motors, transmission, propeller with shafts...may be new, maybe old we didnt check yet. Lots of new axis dont know whats their name....if you guys want parts or someone wants all....contact us for fotos. We check out the cars perhaps they will be sold in germanythis weekend For 15000,--€ each.
If someone is interested in the cars....lets talk...but we wont put it in containers...heard strange things about us customs and regulations concerning old cars...come here,see it, cash down money, put all in a containerwith our help and make export by yourself...no problem.....In fact the parts, whatever the coasts for shippings ar, we hav eto check..no problem, we can send to you , if someone wants all together.... mail for best offer.....with cars maybe 50.000€ .and i promise..that you will be surprised what we have.. Please contact us!!!! mail eiderladen@aol.com
Of course we offer single parts till we found a buyer who wants the full assembly. Nice would be a pic of the part you need cause our technical english is not that best!!!paypal payment no problem!

Nice weekend from germany!!


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I've been speaking with Tom for some time now. This is amazing find and it has been tough to keep it quiet after seeing his photos!


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Hello karsten,
Kanst dumir bitte anrufen, ich habbe interesse in die auto,s und die teile.
Ich bin aus holland.
Roy bolks

Craig Parada

Craig Parada
I'm always a skeptic, so when a story or "opportunity" seems too good to be true, my assumption is that it is, especially with limited-time offers. Interesting details, but otherwise no more evidence that anything exists than the last letter I received from the Finance Minister in Nigeria.
Hi Craig,Yes you are right i also received letters from nigeria. Thats fake....but the fact is that the parts arereally here,we are ourselves absolut not interested in the parts, and we will sell all. For ourselves its also unbelievable.
From yesterday we were bombed with emails and phonecalls, we never thought that there could that amazing reactions and the fact is really we didnt even took pics of the motors and transmissions and the very heavy stuff. The crazy thing ist that a guy was informed to come to us as soon as possible, maybe from friends in the states i guess, and have a look at the parts. And fact is if he hasn`t at least 50.000€ in his pocket for all the stuff inklc the restorable 2 amphis.....he is out!
Just for info! We are not fakers! The funny thing is that no mail s or requests from amphiowners in germany reached us...very strange!! So i guess that most amphicars are still driving in the states.
sorry all cars and parts sold complete today....a guy came and threw lots of money on our table.Interesting that a foreign man bought it!

...thanks for all the mails regarding parts and cars and the nice contacts!