fabulous fabulous


Dave Derer

It was the perfect first snow. 3-4 inches of wet packing type. My mind
was made up to be in river. But work had to come first. As I unloaded
the next bead blasted major project in shop, phone rings and rings and
rings. Amphi friends all connected through the amphibious cosmos. The
positive vibes were at an all time high. The Celina tape really got
people excited. Looks like I may have sold My blue 64 too. I stayed
focused on work with my eye on the reward of leaving. A good friend that
had moved away years ago also called. He is moving back to area. So we
met in Dixon at the river. The winds had died down and water was
perfect. Water temp of 36. Not many river days left. He is an inventor,
fabricator. and a certified welder. He was loving his Amphi ride and
before he knew it I hired him. I really like My big heater with high
speed fan. Made it home and in the evening The Family enjoyed the Celina
tape. It says it is two hours but it went by fast just like the actual
week end.
Hey other Board members I have a great idea for Thursday at Celina, your
gonna love it! Later Dave the forty four and so much more wave.

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