Fabula Sabula Iowa June 1 2 3 4


David Derer

Winter is still hanging on but the longer days have ignited the Amphicar
crowd. People from 'round the World have been calling. Could it be the
nine or so boat ramps? Or the idea of being surrounded by water? Could
it be the mighty Mississippi and The Palisades state park? Or the cool
back waters to explore?Or is it the three story high bar? Or is it
getting that tattoo in the same bar? Back to the roots-I am not
reserving motels, campgrounds,restaurants, porta pottys, or dinners.
There will be no set times for anything just suggestions. Now if someone
wants to say take charge and host a bar b que that would be cool. I do
plan on talking with Bar to see if they would get a band. Camping is
first come first serve. So far long distance goes to Louisiana. followed
by Minnesota, Missouri,Wisconsin, Iowa, Indiana and Illinois. You never
know maybe get an East-Coaster over here to make margaritas. Later Dave
the I am moving South sick of Winter like the name "twin screws news" Wave