Exhaust System Replacement


I know I posted this in Facebook but wanted to have it in these archives for anyone searching the topic. I had a lot of great advice from Cap'n John Bevins!

I guess perhaps he couldn't find the right muffler, so PO had cut the old J Pipe off to within about 1-2 inches of the manifold and put a flexible pipe there along with some weird tractor-looking muffler. The flex pipe broke so I repaired it with a soda can temporarily.

Later, I replaced my J pipe and muffler. I went ahead and removed the carb and manifold because I was wary of possibly stripping something I couldn't see. It wasn't that bad of a job. Luckily the PO had given me a spare manifold gasket.

Looks like Gordon's doesn't currently list the muffler, plus when they did it came with the tailpipe. I had just bought a pipe one 2 months prior when they were on sale so I didn't need another and they wouldn't sell it without it.

So I have an alternate source and part number for the muffler. You still have to weld on a small angle bracket just like the Gordon one. The replacement muffler I used was sort of rare: 1979 VW Super Beetle, California only. It was made in Denmark. https://www.ebay.com/itm/363010414214 They did raise the price $20.00 after I got it.


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