David Derer

I get to a point doing body work of enough is enough. Every car has
its own characterestics. There is a big differnce between the first and
last cars. I am currently doing 100 074. A bead rolled floor instead of
stamped. Body edges are much rougher, as in the flow of the lines are
not as smooth. It is as though some of the contours are not as refined
as later cars. So I am down to prime and block. Area on quarter looks
good, feels good, but still bothers me. Every one that looks says it
looks good. Finshed taxes tonight. Grabbed a beer and went to shop.
Touched and rubbed the car(You sickos), thought about it. Then took 80
grit on long block and hit it till the metal showed through. Then
tapped metal a bit. It was a minor change but I almost like it now.
This is the point Margie just smiles as she ignores Me. This is the
point Mike likes because he likes to find spots, and with a big grin
points them out. Tomorrow another round of primer and maybe just maybe
Saturday I will have won My quarter panel fight. Later Dave the Check is
made out to U. S. Treasury Wave